Tech Tool of the Month – TicorAgent One

TicorAgent ONE is a city/county specific closing cost app that comes preloaded with calculations and closing costs for Real Estate professionals. Generate quick and professional seller net sheets and buyer estimates for your clients in just seconds. TicorAgent ONE is jam-packed with features that are sure to wow your clients!

TicorAgent ONE enables you to create and share visually stunning net sheets on the fly:

  • Seller Net Sheets – Make dynamic presentations & offer breakdowns and counters in a snap
  • Buyer Estimates – Get payment info and estimated funds to close in a flash
  • Monthly Affordability – Show your buyer what they can afford based on their desired payment
  • Sell to Net – Seller have net goal in mind? No problem with sell to net
  • Rent vs. Buy – Show renters that buying may better for them than renting

Eliminate guesswork and potential delays by automatically leveraging closing costs and fees specific to your local market!

  • Taxes
  • Title Fees
  • Escrow Rates
  • Closings Costs

TicorAgent ONE gives real estate professionals the confidence to quickly provide accurate answers to the most frequently asked real estate questions and presents information to buyers & sellers in professionally designed layouts.

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