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Tracy Shea
VP / Customer Resource Center & Land Development Manager


Ticor Title Land Development & Builder Services

Solutions & Services

Developer Packet:
Assist in evaluating Development Factors including:

  • Trio
  • Location Map
  • Aerial / Expanded Sensitive Areas
  • Land Contour
  • Wet Lands / Floodplains
  • Vacant Land Map
  • Water / Sewer Maps (as available)
  • Zoning Map, Codes, and Ordinances

Map Information:
Various Sized Color Maps of Zoning, Topography, Flood Plain, Wetlands, Schools,
Transportation, Parks, and Other Relevant Information as Available

Builder and Developer Services:

  • Assist in Finding and Qualifying Lots
  • Provide Comparable Properties for Developable Land and/or Finished Lots
  • Work with Local Jurisdictions on “Problem Solving” for Clients
  • Vacant Land Searches for your Specific Boundaries and Property Parameters
  • Assist in the Applications / Development Process for Subdivisions and “Other” Land Use Applications
  • Assist with the Plat Recording Procedures

New Home Trends / Comparable Reports:

  • Recorded Development Summary, which Includes Recorded Lots and New Construction Homes
  • Proposed Development Summary, Including New Subdivision Applications Submitted to Jurisdictions
  • Property Price, Size and Sales for Attached and Detached Residential Developments

Subdivision Guarantee:

  • Preliminary Title Report Including Deed, Easements, and Exception Documents
  • Plat Map of Property
  • Adjacent Property Deeds and Plat Map

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