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How often are you reaching your Sphere?

The average person in North America gets 5,000 – 30,000 brand messages a day…. That means it takes a lot of ‘touches’ in order to get someone’s attention! Traditionally you will hear that it takes 6-8 ‘touches’ to convert a lead but now most marketers are saying it is between 11-13! So when you are considering the connections you are making with your sphere on a regular basis, are you doing enough? We have a proven system from a Top Realtor who closed over 5,000 transactions through his career with his team that strategically gets you in front of your sphere with 75 ‘touches’ in a year!! Through a variety of communication methods, organized content and consistent messaging it is totally doable and we think it is the perfect amount. Now who’s interested??

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Social Media Tip of the Month

Stories are KING!!

Stories on social media platforms result in direct messages 1 out of 5 times. Direct messages are conversations and CONVERSATIONS = CONVERTIONS

Ticor Tuesdays https://ticormidvalley.com/ticor-tuesdays-june-2022/


Escrow Tip of the Month

Power of Attorney:

Closing with a POA, requires advanced approval from title.

  • Escrow will need to speak directly with the principal, to confirm they are aware and in full agreement with the use of the POA.
  • If the POA is needed for a medical reason, a letter from the principal’s doctor will be required, confirming need for the POA.
  • If the POA is for a Buyer, the lender must also approve the use of the POA.
  • The person signing as POA must be in possession of the ORIGINAL, and it must be provided to escrow, to be recorded at closing.

Loans in Forbearance or Loan Modifications:

  • Turn times for payoffs on loans in forbearance and loan modifications, has greatly increased.
  • Escrow should be provided with Seller’s loan information and authorization for ordering the payoff, as soon as possible, after escrow is opened.

New or recent Construction:

  • If there has been construction within 75 days of closing, escrow must be provided with a copy of the construction budget and a list of sub-contractors.
  • Additional time will be needed to contact and verify payments in full, to all sub-contractors.
  • Underwriting must consider the construction budget, confirmation of payables, experience with the builder, and other factors, in order to give approval for early issue coverage.

Third Party Funds:

  • Funds received from a party who is not a principal to the transaction, require specific instructions to escrow, as well as approval from the lender. The deposit cannot be applied to the transaction until signed instructions from the third party depositor have been received in escrow.

Fidelity National Title Group

Ticor Title is a part of FNTG, the nation’s largest title insurance and escrow services company.


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